Smart companies speak with one voice.

Effective communication with all your stakeholders... clients and intermediaries alike... has always been important in business, but never more so than today. The rise of social media and the 'age of the customer' means that if you don't actively manage these relationships, someone else will. Consumers have found their voice... and advisers are their advocates, not your spokespeople.

Clarendon has unrivaled expertise in financial services marketing. We will help you communicate with your customers in a way that encourages dialogue and is not just a one-way cascade of information.

If you want the job done well, you get in contact with Lynda at Clarendon.

We can provide integrated marketing and communications solutions or you can choose from a menu of services.

Our clients.

If you want the job done well, you get in contact with Lynda at Clarendon Financial Marketing. From the very first email contact, I could see that Lynda is passionate about quality and meeting deadlines. We have really put her under a lot of pressure on a weekly basis with very tight deadlines and every time, they delivered and made a plan. The communication between the Clarendon team and client is very good. At no point during our dealings was I unsure about where we are in the process. A very well-oiled machine that never loses the personal touch. I would work with this very competent company in future again as they handled our project as if it were their own. Well done!
We approached Clarendon to help us with our IFA marketing, including literature production, website maintenance, email marketing and relationship building calls to our IFA database.  Clarendon handled all of the above with the utmost professionalism and competence, always going the extra mile to ensure that work was completed quickly and efficiently and to the highest possible standard.

Experts in marketing and relationship management.

Managing large-scale marketing campaigns effectively takes a lot of resource and expertise. You may have the know-how but lack capacity. Or you have the human resources but they are not sufficiently experienced. We can take the pressure off you with bespoke CRM solutions, web design, customer research, and telemarketing services.

Relationship management

We’ve been helping financial product providers build relationships with their clients for over a decade and we’ve developed a lot of insight along the way.

We understand the UK regulatory market and uphold the highest standards of business ethics and legislative compliance. We can handle all your campaign administration for you and leave you free to concentrate on your core business with confidence.

  • Qualified - We take TCF and technical support very seriously. Our teams are qualified to at least CF1 level or higher and we place great emphasis on continuing professional development and rigorous monitoring of performance.
  • Part of your team - More than just campaign administrators, our staff are relationship managers who strive for the highest standards of customer service. We work as an extension of your team; your customers won’t know the difference.
  • Services - from outbound telesales to fulfilment and response handling, Clarendon will tailor a package of services to meet your precise needs. Our calls are recorded, allowing your compliance department to monitor our performance at any time. Previous compliance audits have shown Clarendon to have outstanding adherence to regulatory requirements.

Content and creative

Design, artwork and print have always been part of our core offering, but we’ve have also developed new skills and now also produce engaging video content, animated explainer videos and apps

Translations and subtitling - recently we’ve have a great demand from our international clients for translation and subtitling of video content, and training materials. We haven’t been asked for a language can’t translate yet.

Design and copy-writing.

  • Graphic design - still need printed materials? Many customers, still prefer a brochure they can thumb through. Our graphic design team will create marketing collateral aligned to your brand identity and in harmony with your digital presence
  • Infographics - we can help you bring complex messages to life with the use of infographics to deliver key messages in a clear and compelling way.
  • Copywriting - Our team of technical financial copywriters can develop your marketing collateral and manage your adviser and client communications in your own voice. Together with our graphic design capability we can provide a full literature production service
  • Film and animation - Information is more memorable when delivered through video and video is becoming an ever more popular way of connecting with an audience. Our experienced production team create engaging corporate films, training and explainer videos.


  • CRM - our data-driven approach and bespoke CRM systems let us track trends, behaviour and results, to make sure your campaigns always hit the mark. Real-time analysis means we can tweak and refine strategies as we go so they stay fresh and relevant, enabling us to produce minutely targeted, tailored communications that produce demonstrable, objective ROI.
  • Website design - we can supply a turnkey approach to website design, build and development. Or we can work with you to provide just the support you need, whether that’s creative input or technical know-how
  • Apps - are your customers crying out for an app? More and more consumers want easy access to digital services via apps for tablets and smartphones. We offer a complete package of design, build and development for your proposition

Research and evaluation

Centric is our propriatory consumer research service designed for retail investment providers. We deliver investor insight as well as product and literature programmes that add maximum value to your research cycle, helping you meet your regulatory research obligations to the FCA.

Find out how we can help you identify the right audience for your products, test your products for suitability and demand, and measure success against your existing customer base.

  • Qualitative - our experienced researchers can conduct focus groups and in-depth interviews for both B2B and B2C clients in purpose-built facilities. We interpret the results and help you make sense of the widely varying viewpoints that inevitably emerge, drawing out trends and helping you understand what motivates your customers.
  • Quantitative - desktop research, product reviews, literature analysis, telephone surveys… whatever your quantitative research needs are, whether B2B or B2C, let us take the strain. We will conduct the research and analyse it, providing you with fresh insights into market trajectories and customers’ purchasing habits

Campaign planning

While you’re busy with product manufacture let us take the strain and handle your strategic campaign planning. Our experienced team can help you craft your story and plan every element of your launch activity.

Complex concepts to communicate? We can help you voice them clearly with an animated explainer video. Our producers are experts at turning complicated information into easily grasped messages.


What makes a good team?

16 June 2017
What makes a good team?

Being on a good team is a rarer experience than most businesses would like to think. It’s a fact that pretty well everybody knows just how unpleasant it is to be part of a bad team but far fewer know how it feels to be part of a good team.

The joys of a diverse workplace

26 May 2017
The joys of a diverse workplace

All too often we hear talk about ‘diversity’ without a clear picture of what that means. Simple diversity can look one dimensional: gender or race issues may be addressed without more complex diversity considerations such as age and cultural multiplicity.

Careers with Clarendon.

Clarendon Financial marketing Limited is a leading provider of relationship management and marketing services to some of worlds leading financial services brands. We are always on the look out for talented hardworking people to join our growing company.

To apply for a position please see our current vacancies or email your CV to

For me, joining Clarendon was the perfect introduction into the world of marketing, as it allowed me to develop and prosper as a fully-fledged marketer. In its fast-paced environment, I worked with many great colleagues (and clients!) on some fantastic campaigns, which taught me the intricacies of both the marketing and financial services industries.
I enjoy working for a company that is not only client oriented but also employee oriented.
Clarendon Marketing was my work home for three years before I relocated back to South Africa. During this time I was afforded a myriad of opportunities to grow, achieve, develop people, enhance systems and be an integral part of the leadership team. Despite a challenging economic climate, Clarendon pulled together like a family and during my time at the company I was made to feel like I belonged, made great friends and grew enormously in my technical skills. It is a place for strong, driven, focused people who are proactive and hard working, and opportunities are what you make of them. It is a company where much is possible if you are willing to give your all! I wish Clarendon success and prosperity, always.

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